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          1. Welcome to Jinhua Loong Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd. website!

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            Corporate culture
            Dare to be the first and constant innovation development, fine development concept focusing on the future environmental protection at first. Build a highland of talents, technology, and market, and get the harmonious and win-win development among employees, enterprises, customers and society.


            Corporate Philosophy
            Guided by market and social needs, we will be a leading international research, development and manufacturing enterprise for fine chemicals and advanced materials, and create more value for customers, society and employees!


            Enterprise goal 
            To be a small scientific research giant enterprise and a leader in the fine chemical subdivision field

            Corporate slogan
            Create value for you

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            2999 Binhong West Road, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

            Service Tel

            +86-579-83213729 +86-13305799786

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