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            Liquid Fluorescent brightener ABJ-L

            ◆ Technical index

            1. Appearance: light yellow transparent liquid

            2. Intensity: standard product 100%±2

            3. PH value: 8-10.5

            4. Density (20°C): 1.20g/cm 3

            5. Viscosity (20°C): ≤80maPa.s

            6. Solubility: miscible with water in any proportion when in use

            ◆ Performance and characteristics

            1. The product is a stilbene triazine derivative, which is a tetrasulfonic acid liquid brightener.

            2. It is anionic, resistant to pH: 6-11, resistant to hard water to 300ppm, resistant to free chlorine to 0.25%, not resistant to copper.

            3. Color light: with blue-violet light fluorescence.

            4. It has good storage stability.

            5. Although liquid fluorescent whitening agent has a good whitening effect, it should not be used in excess, otherwise it will be counterproductive.

            ◆ Scope of application

            It is suitable for and whitening paper pulp slurry during surface sizing and coating, with the best surface sizing and coating effect.

            ◆ Application method

            1. Pulping process: When performing fluorescent whitening in the pulp, ABJ-L should be added before alum or cationic additives, and it is not suitable to use them at the same time. Suitable for PH value 4.0-10, reference dosage: 0.05-1.4% (absolute dry pulp).

            2. Surface sizing process: It can be used together with commonly used starch, CMC, PVC and anionic and weakly cationic synthetic sizing agents to achieve better whitening effects. Reference dosage: 0.5g/L-12g/L.

            3. Pigment coating process: it can be formulated in solution form at any stage of coating preparation. Suitable for PH value 6.0-11. Reference dosage: 0.15-1.4% (to the weight of the paint) It is better to use PVA, CMC and starch at the same time.

            ◆ Packaging and storage

            Packed in 25 kg or 200 kg plastic drums, it can be packed according to customer requirements. stored in a cool, dry place away from light, and avoid contact with cationic compounds (such as aluminum sulfate, cationic resin, etc.). The validity period is 6 months.

            ◆ Cautions

            1. The product information is for reference, research and appraisal only, and the company does not assume the responsibility and patent disputes caused by this.

            2. If you have any technical or usage problems, please contact our company in time.

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