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            Fluorescent brightener MST

            ◆ Uses

            It is a brightening agent with blue fluorescence.that is suitable for the whitening of cellulose fiber, polyester and fiber blends 

            ◆ Features

            1. It can be dissolved in water in any proportion. Simple operation, suitable for automatic feeding equipment.

            2. Very good acid resistance. It is suitable for use in acidic resin finishing solutions and high electrolyte content.

            3. The whitening effect is remarkable.

            4. Low affinity. It is very suitable for continuous production process, there is no color difference between the head and tail when using the padding method, and the level dyeing is excellent.

            ◆ Property

            1. Chemical structure: stilbene disulfonic acid derivative

            2. Appearance: yellow transparent liquid

            3. Fluorescence intensity: 100±3 points (relative to standard sample)

            4. Specific gravity (25°C): about 1.1 g/cm3

            ◆ Storage stability

            The storage period of the product in a closed container at 20°C is one year, and stored at a temperature above 0°C and below 55°C.

            ◆ Environmental protection, toxicity

            During storage, handling and use, the general hygiene and safety rules for chemical storage should be followed, and should not be swallowed.

            ◆ Application

            The product is suitable for pad dyeing and dip dyeing. No light exposure to the prepared solution.

            Required amount:

            Pad dyeing :5-25g/L (30°C-185°C)

            Dip dyeing :1-6%(1.0-3.0%)(OWF)

            ◆ Cautions

            1. The product information is for reference, research and appraisal only, and the company does not assume the responsibility and patent disputes caused by this.

            2. If you have any technical or usage problems, please contact our company in time.

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