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            Fluorescent Brightener JCE-L (for cotton)

            ◆ Main technical index

            1. Appearance: amber transparent liquid

            2. Brightening intensity: 100 (compared with standard product)

            3. Color light: sililar to slight

            4. PH value: 8-10

            ◆ Performance and use

            JEC-L is a liquid whitening agent with excellent whitening performance produced by introducing advanced foreign technology. The technology is at the leading domestic level. Anionic, cyan fluorescent tone, mainly used for whitening and brightening cotton and its blended fabrics.

            1. It has good alkali resistance and peroxide resistance. It can be applied to the one-bath method of oxygen bleaching and whitening. It is the latest product to replace solid 4BK.

            2. Easy to use, miscible with water in any proportion, no dust pollution, the dosage is only 1.35-1.45 times of the powdery brightener 100% VBL, and the price is much lower than VBL, with a very high cost performance.

            ◆ Usage and dosage

            1. JCE-L: 0.1-1.0%(owf)

            2. Sodium Sulphate Anhydrous: 5-20G/L

            3. PH value: 7-9

            4. Bath ratio: 1:5-40

            5. Dyeing at room temperature, dyeing temperature is 60-100°C

            4. The specific dosage depends on different requirements.

            ◆ Packaging and storage

            25KG, 50KG cardboard drum lined with plastic bag, stored in a cool, dry place away from light.

            ◆ Cautions

            1. The product information is for reference, research and appraisal only, and the company does not assume the responsibility and patent disputes caused by this.

            2. If you have any technical or usage problems, please contact our company in time.

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