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            Fluorescent Brightener VBL

            ◆ Product Quality Index

            1. Appearance: light yellow uniform powder

            2. Intensity: standard product 100%±2

            3. Moisture: ≤5%

            4. Fineness: (residue content passing through 150 aperture sieve) ≤5%

            5. Impurity content insoluble in water: ≤5%

            ◆ Performance and characteristics:

            1. Main ingredients: stilbene triazine derivatives.

            2. Color light: The color tone is blue-violet light.

            3. It can be dissolved in more than 80 times of soft water, and it is resistant to hard water to 300ppm.

            4. It is anionic, acid-resistant, and can be bathed with anionic or non-ionic surfactants.

            5. It is not resistant to heavy metal ions such as copper and iron, and is not suitable for the co-bath of cationic and dye surfactants.

            ◆ Scope of application

            1. Used for whitening of pure cotton and polyester-cotton fabrics.

            2. Discharge printing and whitening of cellulose fiber fabric.

            3. enhances color of Light-colored cellulose fiber fabric .

            4. Whitening of paper and detergent.

            ◆ How to use

            1, dip dyeing whitening

            VBL dosage: 0.05-0.3% (owf); anhydrous sodium sulfate dosage: 0-10g/L

            Bath ratio: 1:5-30, pH value 7-9, temperature: 40-100°C, time: 20-40 minutes, pre-baking and setting.

            2, pad dyeing whitening

            VBL dosage: 0.5-3g/L, pH value 7-9, vehicle speed is generally 30-40m/min.

            ◆ Packaging and storage

            Packed in cardboard drums of 25 kg and 50 kg, stored in a cool, dry place away from light.

            ◆ Cautions

            1. The product information is for reference, research and appraisal only, and the company does not assume the responsibility and patent disputes caused by this.

            2. If you have any technical or usage problems, please contact our company in time.

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