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            Established in 2001, Jinhua Loong Dyestuff Chemical Co., Ltd. is a private enterprise formed by integrating its technical and business capabilities on the basis of the former state-owned Jinhua Dyeing and Chemical Factory. Now, we mainly engage in the production and sales of optical brighteners. In 2016, our company successively launched silicone and other printing and dyeing auxiliary projects and dye intermediate projects in order to integrate industrial advantages and expand industrial competitiveness; at the beginning of 2017, Longyuan Chemical Company was established and the silicone project was officially put into production. Thus our company formally entered the road to diversification development strategy. With the establishment of Ningxia Shengwei Technology Co., Ltd. in March 18, the dye intermediate DSD acid with an annual output of 10,000 tons was successfully included in the company's product sequence, which officially marked that our company has opened up the upstream and downstream industry chain,of the fluorescent brightener. Throughout the development history of our company, from a single product to diversified products and then to be a large independent innovation enterprise connecting the upstream and downstream industry chain, our company has been adhering to such tenet of "innovation future, honesty as the foundation, to be a credible person", and aiming to provide customers all around the world with quality services and preferential products.


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            2999 Binhong West Road, Jinhua City, Zhejiang Province, China

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